Does School ERP Make Progress Reports Obsolete?


Today’s educational technology can make marking, reporting, and analysing student performance simple and easy. Many SaaS systems work so well with school ERP software that users may not even realise they’re using them. But some believe that these integrated systems will render progress reports obsolete. Is this true? Let’s face it—many teachers hate making progress reports as much as students despise getting them. Thankfully, modern technology is making this archaic practise almost obsolete. Integrating ERP in schools might eliminate the need for paper-based reporting software! Keep reading to learn more about this hidden technology integration in schools… 

What Is School ERP Software?

School ERP software, also known as enterprise resource planning software, is similar to business ERP systems. Both help organisations manage their assets more efficiently. School ERP systems enable schools to track and manage student attendance, grades, assessment results, transcripts, book inventory, events, staff schedules, and more. School ERP software is often used in conjunction with business intelligence software to help school administrators gain insight into student performance. School ERP systems are often integrated with other software programs. This allows users to exchange data between applications seamlessly. This makes it easier to manage resources across an entire organisation because each program can send and receive data from the other systems.

Why Are Students Required to Produce Progress Reports?

Progress reports allow the school to track a student’s academic progress from year to year and semester to semester. This helps teachers and parents to understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses better and determine what areas need improvement. Many school districts require students to produce progress reports at set intervals, like at the end of each semester. The report might not be graded and sent home until the following semester. School ERP systems make it easy for students to produce the information teachers need to create the reports. Students can easily update their grades, attendance, and other records.

What Does an Integrated Solution Mean for Progress Reports?

These days, it’s not uncommon for school administrators to integrate business intelligence software with their learning management system. This creates an integrated solution in which progress data is automatically sent to the LMS. Teachers then create progress reports based on this data rather than manually entering grades into the system. This means that progress reports are automatically created without manual data entry. This also means that progress reports are more accurate and consistent, which is essential for calculating grade averages. Teachers can even use the data in the system to create report cards and make suggestions for improving academic performance. Students can also use the system to track their performance and set academic goals.

Does School ERP Software Make Progress Reports Obsolete?

The answer is No. This depends on the type of solution that your school is currently using. Some integrated solutions allow users to enter data into the system manually. This means that progress reports might have errors. However, other solutions automatically create progress reports based on the data in the system. These integrated systems offer much more than progress reports. They allow teachers to analyse student performance and adjust their teaching methods. They also allow school leaders to measure programme effectiveness and make strategic decisions based on the data. However, even with integrated solutions, schools should keep conducting periodic progress reports for transparency. 

Bottom line

Schools looking to modernise their technology and boost operational efficiency should consider investing in ERP for schools. These systems integrate with various other software applications to help schools manage their assets more efficiently. Some school ERP systems are even integrated with business intelligence software, which allows administrators to gain insight into student performance.

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