3 Common Mistakes That People Make While Flipping Houses

Flipping Houses

If you routinely binge-watch TV shows that feature individuals making a living by flipping houses, chances are that you may too feel inspired to do the same. While flipping homes, on TV and in theory may seem like an easy task, in reality, it is far from easy. Flipping homes requires individuals to have discipline, focus, and a great understanding of what entails a good home. If you are a newbie to flipping homes, chances are that you may be prone to making mistakes that will ruin your flipping experience as a business. Hence, below are three common mistakes that individuals make while flipping houses that you should avoid at all costs: 

1. Picking the wrong property

The number one mistake that individuals make while flipping houses is that they fail to select the right house or property. Flipping homes and being profitable at it requires that you select a property that qualifies for a “quick flip”. You should invest in a home that has got its basics right but needs help in its furnishings and aesthetics to appear elevated. 

If you select a home that requires repairs that go way beyond your budget, chances are you may spend a lot of time garnering investment, and the market for this type of home may already pass before you’re even close to completion. You should also pay attention to the location of the home since while you may be able to change the way the home looks, you cannot possibly change where it is located.

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2. Underestimating required repairs

Another mistake that most individuals make while flipping homes is that they tend to underestimate the repair costs associated with the home. You wouldn’t want yourself to run out of money midway through flipping a home and be stuck with the property until you find a suitable investment. At this point, all your money is stuck in the said home that you cannot sell or rent out for a good price.

Hence, before purchasing a home to flip, be sure to run accurate assessments about everything that needs to be changed or repaired in any given property. If you have a tight budget, you wouldn’t want to select a home that requires foundation repair as that can be an expensive activity. Hence, stick to your budget and make accurate estimations.

3. Not choosing the right help

Flipping houses is an activity that any individual cannot possibly carry out entirely on their own, and are likely to require external help. Individuals make the mistake of not choosing the right contractors and then suffer from the incapabilities of their hired help due to budget and time constraints.

While you should have a basic understanding of repairs and furnishings, you should have a better understanding of selecting a team that can make the job easier for you and makes the entire experience stress-free. You should avoid thinking you can DIY your way through repairs that you essentially have no experience in, and only hire professionals for advanced tasks such as hiring a commercial roofing contractor for all roof-related works.


The above-mentioned mistakes that most people make while flipping homes offer a good guideline of what you should avoid in your flipping endeavors. Flipping a home is all about seeing potential in a run-down property, repairing it, and selling it for a profit, and any of the above mistakes are likely to hinder any profits coming your way.

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