How to Be Successful at Closing High Ticket Sales

high ticket sales

Traditionally, closing high ticket sales is a challenge, but today’s better closers have turned the tables on the traditional model. By aligning their approach with the prospect, they are creating a process that creates rapport and an agreed time and place to close the sale. This approach ensures that the prospect and the close are on the same page and have a clear understanding of what the high ticket ask is.

Building trust

If you want to be successful at closing high ticket sales, you must build trust with your prospects. High ticket purchases usually require a lot of research and thinking on the part of the buyer. As a result, they are unlikely to be purchased on the spot. This makes building trust with your prospects all the more important. Your follow-ups should be aimed at further nurturing the relationship with your leads. They should also provide your leads with ample opportunity to ask you questions and tell you more about themselves.

Inbound sales involves attracting leads that are already interested in your product or service, and then building trust and a mutually beneficial relationship. This strategy helps you maximize client satisfaction while building strong client relationships and increasing your average value of sales over time. If you need help building trust with your customers, ServiceBell has free video support for its clients.

Building trust with high ticket sales can be more difficult than achieving the same level of trust with low-ticket customers. Nevertheless, you can use CRM tools to customize your touchpoints with your customers and increase your chances of closing high-ticket sales. Building trust with your customers can help you gain referrals and testimonials, which is essential for building customer loyalty.

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Overcoming objections in a non-pushy way

Oppositions can throw a wrench in your closing process, especially if you aren’t prepared for them. Using the right strategies to counter objections can help you avoid the awkwardness and stress of objections and get back on track to close the sale. One of the first things you should do when someone raises an objection is listen carefully to understand their concerns. By doing so, you’ll avoid making any assumptions.

One of the most common objections in a sales conversation is “How can you prove this product or service works?” This objection is often motivated by the prospect’s own fear. The prospect knows they need a solution, but is afraid to commit to it because they’re not sure that they can implement it effectively. They may have already tried a similar solution in the past and were disappointed with the outcome. It’s important to listen to these concerns and don’t blame your prospect for bad decisions.

If your prospect is hesitant to commit to the sale, ask them if they’d be willing to take the deal forward. A potential buyer’s objections may not be obvious, but they’ll be helpful when you understand them and respond to them in real time. Once you understand the root of their objections, you’ll be much more likely to overcome them and close the sale.

Setting price anchor for high-ticket items

Setting price anchors is an important way to increase the likelihood of closing high-ticket sales. When a person buys a product, their first thought is likely to be the price. This is due to the cognitive bias, which favors the lowest amount of work for the greatest reward. Whether this is true of high-ticket items or other items, setting price anchors is essential.

An anchor price is an initial price, which is included in email copy, landing pages, and retargeting ads. This price will help a customer feel like they are getting a deal when they look at the price. The key to achieving this price anchor is not to hide the price or make it difficult to find. It is important to set an anchor price at the beginning of the sales process, as hiding the price only leads to less qualified leads.

Price anchors guide a customer to a desired product by guiding them to the best price. When used appropriately, anchors can be used as a complement to discounts.

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Creating a value ladder

A value ladder is a sales strategy that will take a prospective client by the hand and walk them through the process of building a relationship. This process consists of different offers at different price points. The value ladder is a useful tool for any business, but it is not right for every business.

The first rung of the sales ladder is the bait, or the free product you give away to entice potential clients. After that, you’ll introduce them to more valuable and higher-ticket offers. The first free offer might be a simple information eBook. The second offer might be a $47 monthly membership or a $3,000 coaching session.

A value ladder helps you build a relationship with potential clients and convert them into loyal customers. This strategy can be applied to offline and online businesses. Cosmetic surgery is an example of a high-ticket sale. It can be worth $10,000 or more.

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