Traditional dirndl colors you should know

Traditional dirndl

Oktoberfest is a fun-filled, colorful event of the year. Make sure your dirndl dress is as colorful as the event as the Oktoberfest dirndl dress has modernized over the years. We have seen an ample amount of colors and prints in it. If you drop by any store, you’ll be bombarded with different fabrics, color contrast, and prints. There are endless possibilities for you.

Before diving into the color range of this traditional dress, let’s look at its origins.

Origins of dirndl dress

The origins of dirndl dress come from the 19th century. It was the first time working women in Bavaria first wore it. The dress included layers of clothes like an apron and a dirndl blouse. That is why it was considered a respectable dress in the villages of Bavaria. As the years passed, we saw major customization in dirndl dresses. It is known to be one of the latest fashion trends worldwide. 

A vintage dirndl dress has evolved and has all the aspects of a contemporary modern dress. Moreover, there are more tailoring alternatives today than in the past. You can experiment with dress fabric, colors, matching aprons, blouses, and more.

How to analyze a vintage dirndl dress?

You can easily spot a vintage dirndl dress. You have to examine it before making the purchase closely. To do so, we have listed pivotal elements a traditional dirndl must have. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

The common fabric of traditional dirndl

Previously a vintage dirndl dress was a working women’s uniform. Women of Bavaria in the 19th century used to wear it. Today, what we see as a dirndl dress is a contemporary version. 

There are various fabric types and colors available in an Oktoberfest dirndl dress. You can choose your dirndl made either of cotton or corduroy. It’s all about your preference. But be wise enough to select it as per your body type. A vintage dirndl dress should fit you well, that’s the beauty of it.

Moreover, you can have various apron options too. It is made with a net or silk fabric to give your dress a glamorous touch! Also, you can have your apron two ways. It can have different sides so that you can flip it and give your dress a new look every time you wear it.

Tradition at its best

The traditional element is still intact, especially in a vintage dirndl dress. It is the pure essence of a vintage dirndl dress, and the customary and traditional look goes hand in hand. However, you have more alteration possibilities today.

And not only in terms of fabric, but you can experiment with dirndl blouse types too. You can choose between ruffled or puffy sleeves to give it a touch of modernity.

Classic Touch

A classical touch in an Oktoberfest dirndl makes it an alluring outfit. There It doesn’t mean that you are compromising upon modern fashion trends. The equation of tradition and modernity is well-balanced in a dirndl. You can customize as much as you like in a vintage dirndl dress. 

Also, you can wear dirndl blouses with detailed necklines, buttons, and ribbons. It will give more of a party dress outlook.

Solid colors

Colors are a great source to add fun to parties. A modern dirndl today won’t disappoint you but will only surprise you. A  vintage dirndl used to be in gray, black, and blue color. The reason was the dress was considered to be a maid’s uniform. However, today you can easily buy your favorite color vintage dirndl dress.

It is widely available in every color shade. And you’ll be spoiled with multiple choices in terms of fabrics, colors and prints. Choose a dirndl which brings life in you as well as the event you walk into.

Traditional dirndl colors

There are many color options available today. However, some popular traditional colors are still loved by many. These include solid colors like black, blue, and soft pink. All these colors look best with white dirndl blouses, which is a trademark look. You can always opt for one of these colors if you can decide which color to wear. 

After all, Oktoberfest is merely to celebrate tradition, food, and culture. You can play your part by adding colors to the fest and making the most of the evening.

Where to buy a traditional dirndl dress?

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