Are there any Emergency vets in Glasgow?

Why would you visit an emergency vet when you could see your regular vet? This question is usually asked by owners who have a crisis with their pets. Glasgow emergency vets may help to identify life-threatening diseases or conditions in animals, as they’re sometimes more knowledgeable in this area, and will often give owners medicines and treatments that regular vets will not. 

Also, when a pet is found to have a serious condition, an emergency vet will often be able to immediately treat it, before symptoms of the condition appear, which is important in emergencies. Emergency vets can also provide specialized advice on larger, more complex animals. For instance, if your cat has been badly injured, an emergency vet will be able to give specific advice on whether surgery is the right option to help your cat recover.

Does a vet charge for overnight stays at their emergency practice? Unfortunately, not at all. All emergency vets will be on-call around the clock, and will be prepared to provide emergency care in the event of a sudden emergency. 

That’s because, sadly, many animals are brought in to emergency vets at their last moments. If your pet is rushed to an emergency vets, it may not be able to survive. The life of an animal depends on them being in the best possible condition. That’s why emergency vets will give lifesaving treatment without charging the owner. 

But they may advise on treatment options, and you may be able to book an appointment to see a vet at a different time. This is because they often prioritise helping animals who are very ill, or who have serious injuries, before treating animals who are just looking like they need some help.

There are now several companies offering emergency vets

Many emergency vets are manned by fully-trained veterinary nurses, who will use special tools to treat animals. The emergency vet equipment to carry out treatment, and carry out scans and tests if necessary.

Emergency vets can sometimes help you in some surprising ways

Most emergency vets are volunteers, and so may be more sympathetic to animal’s needs, but may charge for their services. If your pet is brought to an emergency vet, it is unlikely you will need to pay a bill for treatment, but in an emergency situation, it can be important to pay for any treatment needed. Most emergency vets are not paid by the NHS, but there are now several companies offering emergency vets, who will charge a fee. Our guide to when emergency vets charge is full of useful information, and can help you find a vet to call.

How many vets are there in the UK?

The number of vet practices in the UK is expected to fall to around 3,000 by 2022. This is because some areas have few practices left to choose from, and a smaller number of practising vets. There’s also the problem of expanding to keep up with growing animal populations. Many UK vets are said to be retiring, and some new graduates are not pursuing a career in the sector. The government’s Valuing Vets report says the UK may not have enough vets to maintain current levels of care.

Are emergency vets cheaper?

If you have an emergency situation with your pet, emergency vets are not necessarily cheaper. They will be able to carry out an emergency medical assessment of your pet, and provide medicine and treatment if necessary. This will include any emergency blood tests, scans and treatment that may be required. In some cases, they may be able to suggest that your pet has a condition that may be treatable at home. A large number of emergency vets are affiliated to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, which can be important if you want to get further advice or treatment from your regular vet.

Is there a way to avoid having to go to an emergency vet?

If you have a minor injury or illness with your pet, it may be possible to treat it at home. However, if you have a severe condition that may be life-threatening, it’s better to make an appointment with an emergency vet as soon as possible. That way, you can get help to your pet immediately, to ensure its life is saved. You may be able to arrange an appointment on the phone or over the internet. Our guide to avoiding animal emergencies can help you if you’re trying to get an appointment with an emergency vet in the UK.

How can I find a better emergency vet?

If you have no idea where your local emergency vet is, the safest place to start is in your local area. If you live in the north of England or Scotland, you should consider using your local NHS district hospitals as your first port of call. If you’re in central or southern England, you should consider the three NHS emergency vet companies that are affiliated to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. If you live in Wales or in northern England, you should consider your local NHS regional hospitals and practices. However, it’s worth finding out where the emergency vets in your area are before you travel very far.

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