Liquid Blanket Application for Roof Heat Proofing Services

roof heat proofing services

Check out the step by step application of liquid blanket for roof heat proofing services in Lahore.

Liquid blanket application for roof heat proofing services

Step 1 – Cleaning the surface: As with any type of waterproofing system application, the first step is always to clean and smooth the surface.

This step of seepage control can sometimes end up being neglected by inexperienced teams. However, some types of impurities, such as grease and release agents, can directly affect the waterproofing chemicals.

Step 2 – Preparation for application: It is very important that the surface that will receive the liquid blanket is completely dry.

This means that after washing, it is recommended to wait for the surface to dry completely before application.

In the case of new roofs, the recommendation of most manufacturers is to wait at least 15 days.

There must no crack on roof. In the case of corners, baseboards and drains, make them round. This step is half-cane.

Step 3 – Application: The application of the liquid blanket must have more than one coat.

The product is available in packages of 4 and 12 kg. It is ready for direct roof insulation application on the surface with the aid of a roller or a brush.

The general recommendation of the manufacturers is to make first coat in water, in the proportion of 10%.

The application must have 3 coats in a cross manner with an interval of 3 hours between each coat.

Care during application of roof heat proofing services

Do not apply it to surfaces for roof leakage treatment below 10oC or above 35oC of temperature. It may have the risk of compromising the chemical curing processes of the product.

In case of rain, cover the area with a tarp to avoid contact with water. To resume roof leakage waterproofing application, it is necessary to wait for the dry days for the dry surface again.

In the case of areas with traffic, it is necessary to proceed with the surface coating. It will avoid failures in the roof waterproofing in Pakistan.

Main advantages of liquid blanket for cool roof services

The liquid blanket is an elastic, molded-in-place waterproofing product. It forms a continuous layer of protection against the effects of moisture.

Thus, one of the advantages of this warehouse waterproofing is precisely the ease of application. It is good especially in regions with more limited access, and not requiring heavy machinery and equipment, or large teams.

The product is already ready for use, without the need for preparation, mixing with other reagents and catalysts.

The positive points of roof waterproofing services DHA are the practicality of application and the speed to release the site.

Main disadvantages of liquid blanket

The liquid blanket is only useable on cementitious surfaces. Thus, its use for waterproofing services in Islamabad in a broader spectrum ends up as limited. it is not possible to use the liquid blanket on ceramic roofs, for example.

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