Masturbation: You should Know everything about it


Masturbation is a naturally habit in both the genders male and female. It occurs during their whole life time especially its peak at the adult age. Continuous habit in male and female effects their health status as well as they loss their sense of feelings when they meet with partner. Habit of masturbation arouse in all individuals with no difference of races,colour,height and religious.

In this article, we will explain benefits, side effects, bad effects on our daily life and control.   

Masturbation ratio in men 

There are so many people who masturbate as less as twice a month. It is a normal and healthy sexual  activity with few side effects. Research has found that in United States around 74% of adolescent males between 14-17 years are involve in the habit of masturbating.

 Research has found that around 63% of older adult male between the age of 57 and 64 are involved in the bad habit of  masturbation. The frequency may vary from men to men. Some men like to do masturbating in a week 2 to 3 times, some likes to do 3 to 5 times in a day. It all depends on his general health condition.

Benefits of masturbation in men   

Masturbating have a positive effect , here are some advantages are describe:

1    It replace having sex with partner

Can enhance the experience with a sexual partner, because in this way you can better understand your own body. In  so many times can replace the having sex with partner, for example:

*If the female sex drive is low then male,then mansturbation is a good option for men to relax his body.

*If the female is sick.

* If the female is pregnant.  

*If the female not present.

Safe from Prostate cancer

This may help to prevent the prostate cancer in men. By naturally toxins build in the urogenital tract of men rapidly, if a men have a habit of masturbating and ejaculate 3 to 5 times in a week ,this process decrease the level of toxins chances of prostate cancer decrease

Stress hormone release

When a men ejaculate a cortisol hormone released. Cortisol hormone is a stress hormone. By the releasing of this hormone men feel a relax and also boost their immune system.

Relax and sound sleep

Can release the stress and tension related hormone from the body and lead to the relax and sound sleep.

Enhance relation with partner

This is a good process and can enhance the your relation with your partner since you know about yourself complete physically.

Safe a men from erectile dysfunction

With the over age men naturally lose the muscle tone in all the body even in the penis. Masturbation or a regular sex infact is a exercise of muscles and pelvic floor in this way this safe a men from erectile dysfunction. For men having problems with erection you can try using Erectin.

Side effects of masturbation in men

As we know that excess of everything is bad, in this way excessive masturbating can lead to:



*Early ejaculation

*Inhibit sexual activities with partner, or a men not feel good with partner.

*Hair loss

*Due to excess masturbating process  lower back pain

*Injury of the penis due to the excessive injury

*Pain in genital organ

*Effects testosterone level

*Loss of weight

When masturbation not safe?

Generally this not bad. However excessive bad habit is a harmfull .

When a person touch the other person genitals organ of an infected person, and then touch yourself in this way you suffer from sexually transmitted disease. These disease can also be spread and transfer from one person to other person if you share your sex toys with other person .

Avoid to masturbate in a face down position in this way you tend to exert more pressure on penis, and you injure it. So avoid face down position and always do while standing, sitting, or lying on the back.

Avoid to squeezing the penis while ejaculating by masturbation,to prevent flow of semen. It demage the nerves system badly and blood vessels of penis and sometimes force the semen into the urinay bladder.

How can know excessive masturbation?
A men can know that he is doing excessive masturbating process in daily routine by the following points

*It cause stress

*Masturbating multipal times per a day  to escape stress

*Regular injure yourself by excessive rubbing of penis, also lose tone of muscles.

*You like to live alone and hardly have a time for your friends, relatives.

*Too busy to pleasure yourself by masturbating

*By excessive masturbating feel pain in genital organs.

Control to avoid masturbating

If a person  have a sign and symptoms of excessive masturbating, you immediately take a appointment of doctor and consult with doctor.  Consult with the psychiatrist or a specialist doctor may help you to regulate and divert your energies in a more productive way and gradually wean you away from excessive bad habit. 

 Sometimes  medication may also be suggested depending on your symptoms and general health status.

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