How to play doubles badminton: A quick guide

Playing doubles badminton is somewhat similar to the singles with some slight differences. It is played by four players, two on each team. It is an extra level of fun when you play doubles with your friends against two opponents. Here, you must know all the rules and regulations of the game to play perfectly as a professional. But, if you do not know how to play, you can not enjoy the game. To play doubles badminton, you need the best doubles badminton racket and shuttle cock.

Further, there are three types of badminton doubles such as Men’s double, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. In this, the size of the court is wider than the singles as you need more space to hit the shuttles when you play with another player. Also, the service rules of doubles badminton are unlike the singles. 

In this article, let’s gain more understanding of badminton doubles by knowing how to play doubles. Find the complete summary below:

Understand the service rules

It is the first rule to play doubles badminton, including two service courts separated by the middle line. Let’s learn the five basic rules of service:

  1. Serve the shuttle diagonally: If you are playing doubles badminton, you need to know how to serve the shuttle perfectly. Here, it would help if you served the shuttle diagonally. For instance, if you stand on the left side of the court, you need to serve them the shuttle to the right side of the court.
  1. Stand properly while servicing: You need to stand right to serve the shuttle as your feet should touch the ground so that you can do the same efficiency.
  1. Pay attention to the box: While servicing, you must stay in your respective box to provide a good service.
  1. Hit the shuttle: When hitting the shuttle, you need to pay attention to the ways. Here, the shuttle should be below your waist.
  1. Serve under the five seconds: the shuttle service must be under five seconds as the referee can rule a fault. So try to take not more than five seconds to serve the shuttle to your opponent.

Forehand service

While playing doubles, you must follow all the rules of gripping the badminton racket to avoid a fault. For this purpose, let’s take a look below to understand more:

  • The grip of the racket: The racket grip should be smooth and firm, so hold it in this way as if you are shaking hands with someone.
  • Hold the shuttle properly: You need to hold the shuttle comfortably. At this point, you need to keep the racket beneath the shuttle and make a cup of the shuttle while hitting.
  • To hit the shuttle: When beating the shuttle cock, try to keep it below your waist to take up the underhand stroke. You need to serve diagonally against the opponent.

Play the double badminton in formations

In this, you should make a better understanding of the badminton court in order to play the best innings. So, let’s discuss them below:

  • Know about the court: If you want to play a good match, you need to know about the court where you will play. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the court area and play comfortably.
  • Get an attacking formation: It is the best formation to play doubles. In this, one player is near the net, and another one stands back on the court. You can also play as a defensive formation, comprising the two players standing side by side on covering the respective sides.

Play strategically with your mate player

In this, you need to build proper coordination with your mate player so that you can easily win over the opponent. For this purpose, let’s understand more about this topic below:

  • Make opponent for a high lift: To play a good match, you can make your opponents do high lifts by smashing the shuttle cock. This way, you can set an intense competition over your opponents.
  • Try to make a net kill: It is also necessary to attack the opponents by making the net killing. Here, changing the hand position would help if you had a short swing against a long swing.
  • Make proper communications: To win the innings, you need to set appropriate communications between you and the mated player so that you can manage the whole play perfectly. Before adopting or changing the strategies, you must inform your mate player in order to get a good grip on a match.


All the above are the imperative categories to play long innings against the opponents. If you know all the rules and regulations of the badminton game, you will win the match. Here, the above steps are the must-have steps to win over an opponent with full efficacy. So, let’s choose a day to play the best inning with your friends.

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