What Is A Consolation

Recently, a gentleman in a coffee shop near me was lamenting the fact that he had lost a lot of money in the stock market. His story reminded me of a consolation prize. When I was younger, my mom used to take me to the carnival and buy me tickets for things like a small stuffed toy or a game piece. I loved it because getting something for free is always better than having to work for it!

In business, there are times when you don’t get what you want – maybe your project is cancelled or your product launch falls flat. In these cases, often the best thing to do is take what you’ve been given and run with it. It’s called “taking the consolation prize.”

What is a consolation prize?

A consolation prize is an award given to someone who has lost a competition or contest. This can be a small token of appreciation, like a gift certificate, or it can be more valuable, like a trip or prize.

Types of consolation prizes

There are a few different types of consolation prizes that can be given after an event has taken place. Some examples include:
-A gift certificate to a nearby restaurant or store
-A ticket to the next event in the series
-A prize pack that includes a number of items such as coupons, toys, or apparel
-A trip to a fun location, such as a amusement park or traveling abroad

The importance of giving out consolation prizes

The purpose of consolation prizes is to make people feel better after a loss, and to help them come to terms with the loss. The main reason why consolation prizes are important is because they can help people to move on from a loss. They can also help to rebuild relationships, and to build memories that will last.
There are a few things that you should keep in mind when giving out consolation prizes. First, make sure that the prize is something that the person who loses it would really want. Second, make sure that the prize is something that is worth the person’s time and effort. Finally, make sure that the prize is something that the person who loses it will actually be able to use.
Here are a few examples of consolation prizes:
-A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant
-Tickets to a show or game of their choice
-A day off work
-A trip to a place that they have always wanted to visit

How to give out consolation prizes

Giving out consolation prizes is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work. Not only will your employees feel appreciated, but you’ll also get some good publicity as well. Here are three tips on how to give out consolation prizes:

  1. Make sure the prizes are appropriate. If you’re giving out toys, make sure they’re age-appropriate. If you’re giving out food items, be sure they meet the dietary restrictions of your employees.
  2. Give them out as soon as possible. After the contest is over, give out the prizes as soon as possible so that your employees can have them before they forget about them. This will show that you value their participation and appreciate their effort.
  3. Don’t forget to thank your employees! After you give out the prizes, make sure to thank them for their participation and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. This will make their day and encourage them to continue working hard.


A consolation prize is often given as a consolation for someone who has not won a prize they were hoping to win. In some cases, it may be given as an apology for something that went wrong. It can also be offered as thanks for all the effort someone has put into a competition or event. Whatever the reason, consolation prizes are typically given to those who have been left disappointed by the results of an event or competition.

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