Exploring Pipe Mod Kits

Smoking is a habit that has been around for centuries with the use of pipes being considered by many as the classiest way of smoking. Many famous scholars and political figures have been known to smoke pipes leading to this perception of classiness. Powerful characters portrayed in literature and movies often smoked pipes especially when there was a tough decision to be made.

Smoking pipes come in various sizes, designs and colours. Most pipes are made using fine hardwood which is varnished to give a glossy appeal. The pipes are well balanced and cut to prevent tipping while in use which adds to the appeal greatly.

While pipe smoking seemed to be a habit that was permanently out of fashion, the introduction of e-cigarettes has revived this classy way of smoking. Today we have e-pipes that have been designed to resemble the look of traditional pipes but with enhanced functionality. Although these pipes are made using different materials like plastic metal and glass, their rapid rise in popularity is expected to topple that of traditional smoking soon.

What is an e-pipe?

E-pipes have been designed to resemble traditional pipes only that they use vape juices instead of tobacco. While their design and appearance are similar to that of traditional pipes, these devices use a battery to heat the vape juices to produce vapour instead of smoke. An e-pipe simply put is like an e-cigarette that has been designed like a traditional pipe.

When you buy an e-cigarette pipe mod kit, you will receive an e-pipe pen, rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, atomizers as well as heat-resistant liquimizers. Some e-pipe mod kits also come with a spare mouthpiece. E-pipes have sensors which detect airflow to automatically trigger the device. The ePuffer Pipe mod kit is one of the best you can try coming with different options of pipes you can choose from.

How does a pipe mod kit work?

While traditional pipes had to be filled with tobacco and lit with a match, an e-pipe pen works electronically using a lithium battery which heats the e-liquid to produce vapour. E-pipes, like e-cigarettes, come with a battery and an atomizer which is the heating element. It also comes with a mouthpiece fitted with a sensor which automatically powers the device when air is drawn.

An e-pipe pen is much safer compared to traditional pipes as it involves no combustion meaning there is no release of dangerous carcinogens. E-pipes are also environmentally friendly with no ash production or an awkward-smelling vapour. An e-pipe mod kit is usually enclosed in a small wooden class box which is easily portable.

How to choose a pipe mod kit

While e-pipes have been designed to be simple with additional safety features, some of these devices are mechanical and others semi-mechanical. This means the resistance of the atomizers might vary between different devices. If you are a beginner in vaping, you can choose e-pipes that have been specifically designed for beginners or those devices that you can control the power output of. E-pipes with all these functionalities exist with the difference being the price to acquire them.

When shopping for e-pipes, make sure you buy your products from reputable dealers such as ePuffer. This way, you will be assured of top-quality pipes as well as vape juices. Take your time to browse through the various e-cigarette pipe mod kits available until you find one that best suits you. 

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