Pros and cons of multiple desktops

macOS, the operating system that powers up Macs, is packed with useful features and functionalities that facilitate the users to have a productive experience. Moreover, the super-polished operating system also features numerous powerful native applications. For instance, millions of users use the native Safari browser of macOS daily click here for browsing the Internet and performing web-based activities. Similarly, the native Finder and Terminal utilities also help users in numerous ways. Moreover, Apple improves upon pre-existing features and functionalities by rolling out numerous yearly updates. According to Apple, the upcoming macOS Ventura update will feature numerous upgrades in terms of native apps like Safari and Spotlight.

When it comes to multitasking, macOS leaves no stone unturned to offer users the best feature. The Split View feature lets users use two applications side by side and thus facilitates users to multitask with ease. Besides this, macOS also offers users the option to create multiple desktops. Users can create 16 different desktops on their Mac and use each to store different apps and active windows. This article will cover how users can create multiple desktops on their Mac and shed light on the numerous advantages and disadvantages of creating & using multiple desktops. Let us get started. 

How to Create Multiple Desktops on Mac:

If you are a macOS user and are wondering how to make multiple desktops on Mac, there are numerous ways following which you can conveniently do so. For starters, you can access Mission Control and use it to create another desktop on your Mac. All you need to do is access the native macOS utility by swiping four fingers on your MacBook’s trackpad or pressing the f3 button, navigate to the top right corner of the screen and click on the “plus” icon to add a new desktop. Since macOS offers users the option to create upto 16 desktops, you can create multiple desktops using the “plus” button by pressing it multiple times. 

Once you have created your required number of desktops, you can conveniently move active apps and windows between them. To do so, open Mission Control and drag and drop the applications onto any desktop per your requirements. Once you are done with your work and no longer require any created desktop, you can easily delete it by opening Mission Control, hovering over the desktop you wish to delete, and clicking on the small-sized “X” icon when it appears on top. All of the apps on the desktop you deleted will move to the currently active desktop. If you have tried multiple desktops and do not find them useful, it would be best if you try decluttering your workspace to work more efficiently. There are numerous cleaning tools that can help you clean your Mac. For instance, CleanMyMac X is a great third-party cleaning tool that you can use. Besides this, you can also use utilities like Workspaces and Spotless to manage and organize files easily. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Multiple Desktops:

There are numerous pros and cons of using multiple desktops. Let us take a look at both of them:


  • Using multiple desktops facilitates users to manage active applications and windows more efficiently. It helps users declutter their desktop and move important app windows to another desktop. Whenever needed, users can switch between desktops to access the active app without hassle. This prevents users from minimizing or quitting applications and turning them on again when the need arises, and hence, it significantly enhances users’ productivity. 
  • When too many applications are open, it becomes very hard for users to find the required one while working. However, by using multiple desktops, users can conveniently move important apps and windows to another desktop and access it by switching to that desktop. This saves the user’s time and allows them to work conveniently without disrupting their workflow. 
  • The feature comes in very handy if you use multiple monitors to work. You can create another desktop and move it to the extended display. Doing so will save you from the hassle of switching between desktops, i.e., you can conveniently work on another project without manually switching to another desktop. 


  • If you have difficulty focusing on the task at hand, using multiple desktops might add to your distraction since you may get tempted to switch to another desktop to indulge in any entertaining activity. Even though the feature is great for working productively, even the slightest distraction could steer you away from the task at hand. 
  • If you have created too many desktops on your Mac, you may find it difficult to switch between them and access any active application you require. For instance, finding and accessing it might become very tedious if you are working on a research paper and require information in numerous applications or browser tabs. 

If you are a macOS user and wish to create and use multiple desktops, refer to the steps mentioned above.

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