Do you know what to look for in a tray?

The working tray is without a doubt one of the most versatile tools in the home. It can be used as a place to eat and drink, or it can also help you organize groups, such as barware and candles. And, sometimes, large trays with raised sides can even help to keep the stacks of magazines neat and tidy. Additionally, a colorful tray serves as an easy way to bring decorative meaning into a room.

The size, shape and appearance of the tray serve depends very much on your style, but here are a few common tips to keep in mind when buying one.

Decide on items

Metal trays are ideal for providing food and drink because they look good, and are strong and easy to clean. The same goes for melamine, but there is a chance of fading over time from washing often. Wood trays are even more effective at organizing pieces that can help retain items such as remote control and even smaller tracts for magazines.

If you have an ottoman, try using it as a coffee table and placing a wood serving tray on top to make it look polished. As for the rattan tray, it works well inside and out as a place to set up a book or drink. However, keep in mind that most rattan is used on green trays, which means it drinks and ends up getting dirty or sticky unnecessarily).

Consider finishing lacquer

Wood trays with lacquered finishes have added a variety of features as the shiny fabric protects them from beverages and food stains. This also makes cleaning easier as all it needs to wipe the floor. Thus, the finish of lacquer usually means higher prices, but if you are looking to get a tray that you will be using for hundreds of years the cost is a little higher. Our choice: lacquer wood tray with west elm

Go to the sides and handles

Providing trays with raised sides (about 2 “above) are very useful as they help keep drinks from slipping and can keep things in place.  This gives a firm grip, but they can sometimes cut in your hand. Out of the shower? Rattan and steel handles that sometimes extend from the ends of the trays – are not only strong but also do not hurt your hands like cut handles. Our selection: multicolor medallion serves the tray from the target

Choosing a tray sealer

There are three types of tray sealers that suit different business needs. The most important thing for you to know, is how much volume you will be creating (if you want to create) to meet the goals of your business.

If you are just starting out or creating small volumes of packaged products, a well-designed manual tray sealer may be the best choice. Manual tray sealers are the only ones; they rely on the person to carry the trays in the seal, close them, and remove the closed tray as well as the excess cover film.

If you are climbing from small volumes, a semi-automatic tray sealer may be good enough. Depending on the model, semi-automatic tray sealers take some of the legs off the tray seal. For example, your crew can load the food tray in a seal and remove them manually, but the locker automatically seals and sinks any pieces of film.

If you are in the full process of creating a module, a full automatic sealing line will give you the ability to create and be able to meet the delivery objectives with a profitable profit. Automatic tray sealers automate all workflow; enter the trays in the seal, seal them, remove-cut and can even integrate with the measuring and labeling machines to produce the products on the shelf and the prices set.

Make sure everything is connected

More often than not, we hear about food manufacturers who get equipment and food from different retailers who are just accountable for their part of the job. The problem is, not every movie fits every tray, and not every tray fits the tray sealer so when something goes wrong, everyone points a finger at everyone. Partnering with a end-to-end vendor, like contour, means you have experts on your team who make sure that your full packing system works seamlessly from start to finish.

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