Proven Tips to Write Better Essays for Students

better essay will give you the perfect grades. You enjoy the writing process and will take the least time possible to complete the work. The essay will meet the expectations set in the instructions or questions provided.


Writing a good essay is a process that requires you to match the instructions with the quality of the paper you produce. You require quality time to complete the paper and all the help possible. Here are tips to help students to write the best essays.

Analyze the question

Everything you do while writing the essay is captured in the instructions. The question gives you the topic, the length of the paper, resources to use, and submission deadline, among other requirements. Read and understand the expectations before you commence writing your paper. Check assignment geek review to get help writing any paper.

The instructions or questions are used when grading your paper. Take note of such important elements as the formatting style required, specific reference materials to use, the subject you are required to discuss, and the submission deadline, among other requirements. These conditions will be used to grade your paper.

The descriptive instructions could be challenging to understand. Consult your tutor to explain the fuzzy areas. You may also obtain qualified samples to help you understand the instructions better. Since you understand the instructions, you will be more confident when writing the paper.

Pick a compelling topic

Choose a compelling topic to discuss in your paper. The topic acts as packaging for your academic work. It will determine whether or not people will love your work.

A topic will guide every step you make when drafting your paper. It determines the reference materials you use in your paper. A reader will pick your paper from the library shelf or skip it based on the topic.

The best topic discusses a relevant subject. If you are writing on sports, the topic should indicate a sports-related discussion. The topic is a promise that pulls readers to dig deeper into your paper.

Choose a subject you are passionate about. Passion makes research interesting. You can work long hours on the paper without fatigue because you love the subject you are discussing.

Get essay writing help

Essay writing requires a lot of time. You are also supposed to follow strict instructions provided for each assignment, some of which are difficult to understand. You can avoid all this stress by getting essay writing help.

Essay helpers are available as freelancers or agents on writing services websites. The helpers take up a part of your essay or may complete the entire paper. They allow you to dedicate your time to other more profitable or interesting activities like running a business or taking a part-time job.

Choose the most professional essay helper. Check their qualifications, experience, and specialization. Reviews on their profiles or the essay writing services website will help you to pick the best helper.

Pick quality reference materials

The reference materials you use in your essay will determine your performance. Quality books, articles, journals, and other reference materials will help you to obtain the best grades. They contain the most compelling ideas to enrich the discussion.

The best reference materials come from the reading list provided by your tutor at the beginning of the course. The library also provides excellent reference materials ranging from books to journals and magazines, among others. Online databases by credible research institutions also provide reliable reference materials. You can also pick your reference materials based on the reputation of authors or publishers.

Develop an essay outline

The best essay presents the ideas strategically. The strongest ideas appear at the beginning to capture the imagination of the reader. You should also end your discussion with a punch of the strongest idea possible. Such organization is only achievable using an outline.

The outline captures the main discussion points. It helps you to evaluate the strength of an idea before you begin drafting the paper. If a point has enough supporting ideas, you can include it in your discussion. If the points are insufficient, you will dig deeper into your reference materials. You also evaluate the materials to determine whether to merge the weak points or split the strong ones. An outline helps you to produce the most organized essay with strategically placed ideas.

Check a few samples and examples

Samples and examples guide you to follow the instructions provided. They make it easier to understand the descriptive instructions and, therefore, meet the requirements provided. It also gives you the confidence to complete the essay because you understand the requirements.

The best essay samples come from credible sources like the library or online databases. You may require several samples to help you to understand different aspects of writing an essay. Discuss the elements of the samples with your tutor to help you to utilize them effectively.

Choose the perfect place to write your essay

Choose a comfortable and appropriate place to write your paper. Invest in ergonomic furniture that allows you to sit for long hours without fatigue. It protects your body frame from straining, helping you to focus fully on the assignment.

Write your paper in a place that is free of distractions. Switch off music, television, internet notifications, and uninvited chats when you are writing your paper. Such an environment will help you to write the paper faster.

Take breaks

While you need to complete the paper faster, you should not tire the body or mind. Take strategic breaks after two to three hours. It helps you to recharge and take on the next assignment with an energized mind. Walk away from the desk, sip your favorite drink, or chat with friends. You will be more creative and fast when writing the paper if your mind is relaxed.

Always endeavor to complete the paper early and submit it before the deadline. You have ample time to edit your essay and present an error-free discussion. Proofread the essay to ensure that it meets all the requirements set in the question or instructions.

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