What are the Types of Airline Operations

Airline operations refer to the system and operation of airline functions using the many resources that are available for the Operation Control Centre. The OCC is the head of all controls in an airline’s business and is usually driven by software that lets the airline crew manage all the functions related to flight management and crew management for the airline business.

The software helps in the regulation of all these functions and helps in overseeing a lot of operations by eliminating the need for manual supervision, manual adjustments, and manual errors that may occur while preparing these reports and supervising important airline-related functions.

Airlines Operations and Functions

Airline operation includes a variety of factors that not only concern the flights but also the airport, the gates, the terminal allocations, the aircrew, the ground staff, and all other parameters with relevance to these important stakeholders.

Airline operations were managed manually by a team of officials who control, regulate, and oversee all of these operations by creating manual reports and rosters. Thanks to the advent of software and technology, there are now dedicated software and applications available in the market that can plan airline operations including all the aforementioned stakeholders in relevance with the operations.

Airline operations software help in working with the airline’s operations, the ground operations, and the maintenance of staff and crew with regards to the airlines. This software is able to automate all relevant data by constantly updating the information available from the airport control, the weather control team, and the flight control systems.

They are able to automatically prepare a synchronized set of analytical reports for flight operations, the gates available, the terminals allocated, the ground staff for the day, the crew of the flight roster, the maintenance of these factors, dispatch of flights, weather reports, etc all through one application.

Below is a list of a comprehensive overview of all the functionality of airline operations:

  1. Flight Operations Management

Flight operations management includes features such as fleet management, the roster for flights on an everyday basis, flying schedule, and parking schedule.

  1. Crew Management

Crew management optimizes and helps plan efficiently the duty roster for the pilots, stewards, and air hostesses for each and every flight.

  1. Ground Staff Optimisation

Ground staff includes all kinds of operations including baggage, ticketing, assistance for carrier upload, etc using an automated roster preparation system.

  1. Gateway/Terminal Management

The software optimizes and lists the available terminals and gates and helps in the planning and allocation of flights based on routes and timings for each terminal.

  1. Maintenance and Engineering Management

Flights that are in the engineering wing for maintenance and repair works can be tracked and monitored using special provisions that help in logging the reports. These are some of the features and types of airline operations that need to be handled by the staff of all major airline companies.

Benefits of Using an Airline Operations Software

Using software or an application can help in planning, forecasting, optimizing, allocating, and error-free operations of the airlines:

  • Softwares help in saving time
  • It helps in freeing up human resources who would otherwise have to supervise
  • Error-free planning and allocation
  • Automated analytical reporting
  • Single Interface dashboard for all reports
  • Optimizing of all airline operations
  • One time investment and high ROI with a single software
  • Easy integration into the existing framework

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