Which is the Best Hospital for Heart in Kolkata?

Taking care of one’s health is of utmost importance. “There is no better twelfth than health” may not be just a saying as it is a real fact of life. COVID 19 is a pinnacle example of the importance of good health.

Most people who had no underlying conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart diseases, etc, were able to withstand and survive the virus unlike those who had underlying health disorders. Obesity, lifestyle disorders, excessive stress, and a sedentary life with no form of exercise are all key factors for poor health.

Getting periodical checkups at the best heart hospital in Kolkata or any major city with good hospital amenities and the best specialty doctors can ensure being up to speed on one’s health and help in taking precautionary steps to avoid any major diseases or risk factors.

Heart Health Disorders

Most people in today’s world are on some of the other medications. It could be for a variety of reasons such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, weight management, breathing disorders, or bowel issues.

These seem to be some of the most common disorders found amongst men and women commonly. Most of these disorders are simply because of the poor diet or lifestyle that people lead these days. It can be easily managed and in some cases, even reversed with a good diet, exercise, and stress management techniques.

Most people need to be put on medicines to control the side effects of the disorders such as insulin, medicines to control blood pressure, and medicines for cholesterol, asthma, or allergies. Annual health checkups are mandatory for those who are 35 years and older so that they can monitor their health from time to time.

Taking a health checkup plan that allows the patient to conduct all the basic types of tests such as random blood glucose level, blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol level, liver functions, kidney functions, random urine test, heart monitoring, and respiratory functions can allow the individuals to be aware of their health and take good care of themselves.

These plans are usually available in the form of Master Health Check-up programs or Annual Medical Tests at the leading best heart hospital in Kolkata. With these test results, a health specialist can advise individuals on how they are doing and the areas where the patient needs to improve and focus on for better health.

Signs to visit a Heart Hospital

If a person is experiencing any of the mentioned signs or symptoms, it is better to get all suitable or advised tests done to ensure that there are no health issues that need to be rectified:

  1. Excessive Urination

It can be a sign of high blood sugar levels. Taking a blood test for both fasting and PP is recommended.

  1. Excessive Hunger

Could be a sign of Diabetes and high cholesterol and which can lead to heart disease.

  1. Breathlessness

Could be a sign of heart disease or respiratory disorders such as wheezing, asthma, or bronchitis.

  1. Heart Palpitations and Chest Pain

Usually a sign of narrowing blood vessels or arterial walls because of cholesterol. Blood and Lipid Tests are recommended.

5. Joint Pain

Could be a sign of weakening of bones or because of excessive body weight. Both these can be harmful to the heart as well as are linked with heart disease.

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