The invitations play a fundamental role in the realization of an Event, since it represents themselves what will happen that day, the time of it, the place where it will be done, and other information to capture the attention of the people who will receive it and that without a doubt some will not want to miss it. That is why it is essential to present them in the best possible way, giving them unique, creative touches and sometimes orienting them to the theme of the event, with this we will give harmony, coherence, and unify our concept.

Any celebration that has guests: a birthday party, an anniversary, a baptism, about 15 years, an engagement party, must have an Invitation that will undoubtedly leave them speechless! Remember that it will be the first impression that the attendees will have! to your event. When choosing the Design of your graduation Invitations you must take into account the following tips:

1.- The Color

You must choose colors of personal preference, that are marking the season, that goes according to the decoration, the theme, the flowers. (This will certainly help you to give it a personal touch)

2.- The theme of the Invitation or trend

Defining the style or theme that you will use is essential and will help you define the decoration, the stationery, the flowers, and the table linen. Do not forget to work under the same style or theme.

3.- Use good stationery

Choosing the correct material for your invitation will be of great help. You can ask for advice regarding materials, and which one would best suit the style you will use in your Event. On the other hand, it is necessary that you have knowledge of the types of Invitations for a better choice.

Formal Invitations: they are the most important parties such as weddings, 15 years, baptisms, and elegant children’s parties.

Informal Invitations: simple meetings, children’s parties with piñatas, birthdays, meals. Classics: here we can find the casual photo graduation invitations. Whatever the event you have in mind, do not forget without a doubt your Invitation. Keep in mind that it is your business card! At Jessica Acuña Events Planner we help you take care of every detail, do not forget to contact us. We just do it for you!

Graduation invitations to print and personalize

Graduation is a very special moment in life where you conclude a stage and leave behind a very important moment in your life, to open the doors to another new stage. This new stage that arrives is loaded with wonderful things to accomplish and enjoy, and receiving it with good energy is a great idea. Celebrating this graduation is important and for this it is a great idea to make a special event, a meeting or something special to celebrate with all your loved ones. This time we leave you a selection of the best graduation invitations that may exist, so you can download the ones you want and customize them as you like. Enjoy this selection and choose the one you want and that you like the most.

Graduation invitations to personalize

On this occasion, we want to give you a sample of graduation invitations to customize so you can choose the ones you like the most and make the perfect invitation for your graduation. So keep checking out these cool graduation invitation ideas to personalize.

Printable Graduation Invitations

If you are about to graduate and want to celebrate this special graduation with a nice party with friends and family, here we are going to give you great ideas for graduation invitations to print, so you can customize them and invite all your friends to celebrate this graduation so important to you. Enjoy each of the great ideas that we give you here and choose the invitation that you like the most to personalize it and make a perfect invitation for you and for that occasion.

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