How Haikyuu is better than Kuroko No Basket


According to research, it was noted that many TV viewers have shifted to the OTT Platforms and this thing was captured by the Anime Production teams. They really got better results of viewership in their anime shows as it increased from 59% every year with the help of social media hype.

Today, we are going to discuss two anime shows which are beloved by many manga lovers. Haikyuu and Kuroko No Basket – Let’s find out how Haikyuu is better than Kuroko No Basket. Check now!

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Various Reason why Haikyuu is better than Kuroko No Basket

First of all, Haikyuu has a more realistic style and has more realistic characters. While Kuroko no Basket is exaggerated, it does have its moments and shows how badassery affects people. However, Haikyuu’s characters are more likable and relatable, which makes it more enjoyable. Despite the differences between these two games, both series have strong points.

The plot of Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket is very similar, but there are significant differences between them. Both show characters bond and form teams, but the former is more straightforward. The latter focuses more on teamwork. Although both games have similarities, they are very different. This article will explore the differences and draw some comparisons. The following are some of the biggest differences between the two games.

Both series have their benefits. Both contain a similar formula but are more realistic. The former is more realistic and focuses on teamwork, while the latter is about a less-achieved goal. The same is true for the two series, with a stronger emphasis on realism in the former. If you want a more fun experience, you should watch both of them. They both have something to offer.

In terms of story, Kuroko no Basket is more exciting. It features 5 rivals in the main character’s past. Both shows have strong teamwork, but Haikyuu has more intense competition. With its more dynamic gameplay, it is the better of the two. Its characters are more like real people, but it is still the more realistic series. It has a different style and is much more interesting to watch than kuroko no basket.

In terms of the premise, both animes have a similar plot. Both show characters make friends and enemies and compete against a specific team. Both animes are about teams. Ultimately, the two are about the ego and character development. The dramas are very different. The main charactors of Haikyuu and Kuroko no basket have more similarities.

Although both are aimed at girls, the former focuses on the sport more than its counterpart. While the former is more realistic, Haikyuu shows more realistic volleyball characters. Both sports have characters with normal skills, whereas the latter is more ideal for girls. But the latter is more suited for children, while Kuroko’s main focus is on young boys. Unlike the former, Haikyuu has a more sophisticated plot.

The two games have similar themes, but the main characters of each are more memorable. For example, Haikyuu features a brilliant passer, while Kuroko’s basketball has a genius passer. Both sports show characters are very unique, so the anime is more likely to be better known. If the same person was playing the game in a different language, they would likely enjoy both.

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Various Differences between Haikyuu and Kuroko No Basket

Another difference between Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket is the tone. While the first series features an obnoxious character, Haikyuu shows a humble and modest character. This is crucial when determining whether the two series are better than one another. In addition to the content, both anime shows are produced by different studios. The storyline of both series is unique, but they are both about the same sport.

For many fans, the difference between Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket is in the storytelling style. The former is a powerhouse story, while the latter follows an underdog. But while both are great sports anime, each has its pros and cons. If you’re not sure which one to watch, here are a few things to keep in mind. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a perfect choice.

While both are great in their own ways, the differences between these two shows are quite significant. For example, Haikyuu doesn’t feature a complex backstory, while Kuroko no basket has a lot of complexity. It’s also more difficult to follow the storyline in the later episodes of the manga. In short, the two games are better, but both are worth watching.


Now we hope that all the anime lovers have finally understood which anime show they have to watch first when they are going to binge-watch an anime show.

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