How to Increase YouTube Video Rankings?

Facts have proven that people have always shown more interest in watching videos than reading books and this is why video SEO has more importance than you realize. There are different benefits of Video SEO like increased time watched, brand awareness, and more sales. 

Many search engines like YouTube and Google have used the fundamentals to increase the ranking of your videos. This also helps in providing users with the best experience of video watching. So in the blog, we are going to tell you how you can use some simple SEO tips and tricks to enhance the ranking of your video and drive traffic towards it.

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Simple tips to rank higher in YouTube video search

These tips and tricks that we are sharing with you will not only increase your youtube ranking but also help you in increasing the watch time of your video. More and more people will be attracted to your video after you use these tips and try to improve your YouTube SEO.

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Choose your keywords wisely

Video watching sites are growing more and more competitive each day and there are new competitors and new products every day in the field. So, it is important to look for ways that will highlight your video differently from others. Conduct thorough research about keywords and you should choose keywords that will bring more traffic to your video rather than picking up those keywords that are competitive. There are some very famous keyword search tools like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, etc that you can use to look for the best keywords to be used. 

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Include Keywords in the video title

You also need to understand the search intent of your audience and what are they looking for on the search engines. So, it is quite important to match the intention of your customers with your video and those intentions should be visible in the search results. Along with this, you should use the important keywords in your video title and description as they will be visible to the public. Like if you are making a video for product review make sure to include the name of the product in your video title. 


Include keywords in the video file

Another thing that you need to consider in YouTube video optimization is to have a target keyword in the video file. If you have the target keyword in the video file then there will be better chances of getting a good ranking in the search engine. When you will upload the video, you will see the filename and make sure the name of the video file is relevant to the video that you are uploading. So, you need to consider this point too.

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Optimize YouTube video description

There is also another thing that needs to be considered and is very important for YouTube SEO. You need to make sure that you have a very good video description in order to land a good ranking for your video. It is important that you evaluate all the correct aspects and then formulate a good video description for your video which should not exceed 200 words. You can also include keywords in your video description to make them more relevant. 


Use hashtags in your description

As we have told you that description is very important for a YouTube video and you should also add some good hashtags in your description for better video seo services and rankings. Hashtags also help the users in finding the video more easily and they will more likely watch your video if you have some relevant hashtags in the video description.

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