10 Easy Steps to Establish a Successful Pre-Roll Business

According to the California Department of Public Health, there are now over 7,000 medical cannabis dispensaries in California. This figure is good for people who need medical marijuana treatments. But many Californians still have trouble finding safe access. If you are legally allowed to sell pre-rolled joints, it will be easier for people with medical problems to smoke. This is because they can get high-quality joints that are affordable.

What is a Pre-Roll?

A pre-roll is a ground-up bud that is rolled into a joint without any other things, like tobacco or flavors. Pre-rolled cigarettes are a good choice for people who have trouble rolling. These rolls come in muscular custom pre roll boxes. You do not need to learn how to roll a joint or figure out how much weed you need. Pre-rolled cigarettes are also one of the best ways to save money when you medicate!

How Can You Easily Establish Your Pre-Roll Business?

Are you looking to start a successful pre-roll business? If you answered yes, then the following 12 steps will walk you through some simple yet effective ways to get your pre-roll business off on the right foot.

Step One: How Much Will It Cost?

The first thing that you need to do is determine how much it will cost you to make your pre-rolls. This includes everything – ingredients, trimmings, packaging, and labor. When figuring out how much it costs per joint, make sure that your account for all of the leftover bits. If you don’t include them in your calculations, then you’ll be losing money!

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Step Two: What Is My Price Point?

Once you know how much it will cost to make your pre-rolls, you need to decide what your price point will be. This can be tricky because you need to ensure that your prices are competitive while still making a profit. Most distributors require you to charge at least 1.5 times what it costs for them to make your joints. This is the minimum requirement, so make sure that this is in your mind when you are deciding how much you want to charge.

Step Three: Distribution Is Key

The most important thing about pre-rolled joints is distribution. They are not very good if no one can find them to buy them. The best way to get distribution is to contact local dispensaries and ask for their rates and minimums, as well as how they want you to contact them.

Once you’ve asked them for their information, fill out this application with all of the things they need. On average, dispensaries require that people buy at least 10 pounds of marijuana each month. Make sure you think about how much pot to order each time.

Step Four: Branding Your Joints

The next step is to make your pre-rolls stand out. Many people will not buy them unless they are well branded. You can do this by having a logo printed on the front of the pre-roll.

Suppose you CAN get a business license for this, great. If not, you can always try going to a local print shop and having an image printed on the front of your pre-rolls that way. Keep in mind that not all dispensaries will allow this or consider it professional enough.

Roll your joints with pre-rolled marijuana. Make sure there is enough marijuana in the joint so that people can smoke it easily. Add an inch of space at the top of the joint before you start rolling it with weed.

Step 5: Making Your Joints Smell Good

Many dispensary owners will pass up joints simply because they do not smell good. One way around this is to take a joint that you have already rolled, spray it with your favorite air freshener or cologne – then let the joint dry before re-stuffing. This will help mask the smell of cannabis in case you are rolling near someone who may not approve of your pre-rolls.

Step 6: Dressing Up Your Jars

Let’s face it, and nobody wants to buy something without seeing what they are getting, right? Asking your customers to trust your judgment when choosing their jar for them might lead to some empty hands. Dispensaries have been known for selling out due to their customer being interested in checking out premium jars, so why not just give them what they want? Buyers feel more satisfied when they’ve seen the product for themselves and have chosen something of their personal preferences.

Step 7: Choosing a Style

Believe it or not, there are several different styles of pre-rolls you can go with. The most common would be a cone shape though others may include tips, cups, and doob tubes. Cone-shaped pre-rolls allow for more even distribution while leaving less shake on the outer rim or tip of the joint. A good coning machine will cost around $1000, while some prefer to use scissors instead, which is also an option though it takes more work on your part to ensure proper consistency throughout your pre-rolls.

Step 8: Ready to Roll

Now that you have all your tools ready to go, you will need to grind up your flower. Some prefer using a grinder, while others like breaking it down by hand into smaller pieces before rolling. Once ground up, the material is ready for the next step in pre-roll assembly, which would be placing it inside the paper/tube.

Step 9: Secure with Filter

To properly secure your cannabis in its tube (whether that be a cigarette or baking paper), turn one end of the tip towards the outside and push until you see your filter appear on the other side. You can now twist this piece around to close off the open end, creating what is known as an ‘open-ended joint.’ This method allows for quick inhalation without having to worry about losing valuable products. Moreover, always use wholesale custom printed boxes to print the handling guide on the boxes.

Step 10: Place Cones or Joints into a Tipping Device

Almost done! Now all you have to do is place the pre-roll into a tipping device. This will allow for even burning and further prevent any loss of product from the joint getting too hot near the filter. To get your joint in, simply roll it around until it fits nicely inside. You can buy a variety of these online from companies such as Kingpin Cigars.

Enjoy Your Pre-Roll

Now all you have to do is light up and take a big rip; nothing could be simpler! If you are looking for an authentic smoking experience, then using rolling papers is one option, but if you want to go down the slightly more expensive route, then a pre-roll is the way to go.

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