Replica Watches: A Field Report

The subject of replica watches is strictly avoided in many watch forums. On the one hand: Absolutely understandable, because watches above a certain price range are not just simple timepieces (any smartphone can do that), but rather status symbols and carriers of certain image aspects. In the professional environment, watches are often the Porsche for the meeting, and of course a lot of money is spent on them. It is understandable that many a reaction to the topic of replica watches is “sensitive”, to put it mildly, when someone tries to buy this status with a fraction of the financial effort.

I too am of the opinion that replica watches should not be advertised unnecessarily. On the other hand, I think its helpful – nay, essential – to understand replica watches in order to protect yourself from fraud 

I would like to anticipate it right away: With this article I am not giving you steps -by-step instructions on how to buy 레플리카 watches. Rather, I would like to share my personal experiences with the replica watch industry with you and draw your attention to fraudulent scams that unfortunately occur more frequently in the replicas environment…

For this purpose, I took a few Euros and started a self-experiment with a fake Breitling Navitimer World.

What are replica watches?

Replica watches (also: replica, replica, fakes, forgeries) are detailed imitations of well-known and mostly expensive luxury watch brands such as Breitling, Omega, Hublot, TAG Heuer, Richard Mille or Rolex. Replica watches always bear the name of the brand being counterfeited – this distinguishes replicas from so-called homage’s.

However, even cheaper fashion brands like Armani are being counterfeited – during my holiday in the United Arab Emirates such replica models were offered to me on every corner (please don’t ask me why).

While replica watches are generally imitated completely (housing, dial…) and in more or less detail, there are also so-called “Franken watches” (derived from Frankenstein), which also contain all possible components of the originals (e.g. bezel).

In terms of price, “higher” replica watches “off the shelf” range between around €400 and €600, which is a fraction of the originals. But replicas for well over €1000 can also be purchased in the Far East.

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