Top 4 Strategies to Design Resume When you Plan to Switch the Career.

A Professional often changes the job positions throughout their work-life to get some more hidden opportunities. Nowadays, switching careers has become common among professionals. But it can be an uphill task unless you have proper strategic planning. At times, the process impoverishes the people deep-down when their resume gets rejected over & over again. Isn’t it so? If you are also one of them, you are alone in this challenging journey. We have come up with cutting-edge strategies that one should adhere to while updating their resumes on career switches. 

Here is the list of things that should be followed on a career change when you embark on a new professional life journey.

  1. Craft a Well-Structured Resume Format

The most crucial consideration while career switch is structured resume designing. In simple words, your resume must align with the skills of the professional line that you are switching to. For instance, if you are heading from the content writing field to paid marketing, a simple texted resume will not work at any cost. 

Henceforth, you must research other experienced paid marketing specialists’ resumes and then design accordingly. If you are fresher in that field, it’s better to mention the transferable skills on the top of your resume. 

  1. Addition of Objective & Resume Summary

The objective written in the resume highlights your goals or aims towards the company growth & dedication towards the job. Along with it, a resume summary will be another icing on the cake. You can put down both sections directly below the contact information. 

  1. Incorporate Projects Experience

Incorporating hands-on experience in the applied field in the resume increases the chances of selecting your profile. The majority of companies select candidates who have relevant experience in the position they are applying for. However, you can also do some freelancing work related to that profile and disclose that in the resume. Let’s have a look at the format of showing project work:

  • Mention the name, role & date of the project.
  • Put down a brief description of the project.
  • Define the outcome or result of that assigned project.
  • Ended it with skills that you have used in that project. 
  1. Showcase all Certifications & Courses

You have to showcase all the certifications & courses that you have done so far. It’ll have an impressive effect on the employer. However, it will put a face on the employer’s mind that you have fundamental knowledge instead of practical experience. In this situation, the chances of selecting the resume increase.

The Bottom Line

By following the above-listed strategies, the process of switching careers becomes a cakewalk. Moreover, if you are looking for IT contract staffing companies in India, CBSI Global is the one to approach. They offer IT contract staffing solutions and help you select the leading IT sector. For more information, you can contact their sales support. 

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