What is yarn made of?

Yarn can be made by both natural and synthetic fiber just like fabrics that also have both natural and synthetic fiber. They have a lot in common but still, in terms of yarn the length is a significant thing in yarn to identify what yarn it is and the fiber used in the making. In making a yarn you can use filament fiber that has a great length and has natural fiber silk and synthetic fiber as well. But having a yarn you can also make things with it by doing some crochet and design in your house or even make clothes out of it.

Learn more about fabrics that can help you know more about yarns and the fiber used in the making. Have some quality fabrics online that you can choose and have just like wool, wool can be a fabric that it is also a type of yarn that we can use just depending on their purpose and how they were made of. Yarns come with different types of materials and yarns are a long continuous interlocked fiber that can be used to make textile and fabrics as well.

Difference between Spun and Filament yarn

The spun and filament yarn are just the same but it has a difference in the making just like how they make a spun yarn which is made out of twisting fiber together into an S or a Z twist to make the thread or fiber come into one and make a yarn out of it. Spun yarn also contains a single type of fiber that is just spun together with various types of fiber to give a blend with them and make yarn with it in the process. 

On the other hand, the filament yarn also has the same process which is twisting it together but it can also be grouped to make a filament yarn, and sometimes as they make a filament yarn they can also contain one more filament that can be called monofilaments. A filament yarn can have a few or three filaments or even up to 50 and more than that’s their difference with spun yarn.

Difference between a staple fiber and filament fiber

Just like the spun yarn and the filament yarn the things that are made of with also has a difference. Staple fiber is the one that has a discrete length that has more value through the length, a staple yarn is a short fiber that is spun together to create a long and spun yarn that you can make use of it and have a quality fabric online that you can sell with. Staple length is a term that relates to the length of the group of fibers that they use in and staple length also has a difference with the complete length of the yarns that we can see and buy.

Meanwhile, in filament fiber just like the fiber used, the yarn is also named with the fiber that they are used with, unlike the other yarn that is named after how they are made with. Filament fiber is a continuous, or near-continuous length of fiber that is used to make the final result, in which on the other hand the length of the fiber also matters to both yarn is spun and filament yarn and also to both fibers in staple fiber and filament fiber because as you cut a filament fiber the fiber is no longer a filament fiber but a staple fiber because of their length. Silk is the most common natural filament used in making a filament fiber and most synthetic fibers are created in torn filament fiber therefore the natural fiber can be made a filament yarn with it.


In this article, we have learned what yarns are made of and how yarn is made of and their types and kinds, you can also learn some quality fabric online that can help you with your knowledge about yarns. We have learned about the spun and filament yarn and the fiber that is used in the making which is staple and filaments fiber. Both fibers have a difference in length in which separates them from each other.

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