Nowadays people prefer face wash according to their skin type. Face wash helps to cleanse the skin properly and give it a healthier and smooth look. They keep the skin hydrated and give it a youthful look. They remove all the dead and dry skin cells from the skin. Every skin tone needs a different type of face wash. If one wants glowing skin one may use honey or sandalwood face wash. For hydrating and moisturizing aloe Vera face wash can be used. Similarly if one is suffering from acne or scars one can use neem face wash. Neem face wash is more in use as most people suffer from acne.  Neem has curing and healing properties as it is scientifically proven. It is good for the treatment of pimples, rashes and scar prone skin. Here are discussed few of the benefits of face wash with neem extracts:-

1) Treatment of dry and dullskin-Neem helps in the treatment of dry skin as it helps prevent the penetration of harmful elements into the skin that makes the skin dry. Neem helps to moisturize the skin and remove the dead cells present on the skin.

2) Deeply cleanse the skin-Neem helps to cleanse the face deeply. It cleanses pores and gives an excellent result. It helps one to get rid of irritation caused by acne. It makes your skin free from all the toxic elements and dirt that is present in it thus making the skin acne-free.

3)Gives natural and glowing skin-Neem face wash gives your face a radiant look. It clears all the impurities from the skin and gives your face a flawless and natural look. One must use the face wash once daily to see the results. Neem acts as a soothing agent and maintains the right balance of the skin.

4)Exfoliating agent-Neem acts as an exfoliating agent and helps remove the dead skin. It works great on pigmented skin. It helps to brighten the skin and make you look younger. It gives shiny look to the face. It helps to lighten the scars on the face and maintain the PH level of the skin thus giving it a healthier look. It helps to reduce the blemishes on the skin and makes the skin look clean and bright.

Neem has many benefits. It contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which work wonders on acne and scars prone skin. There is the availability of both types of face wash in the market. If the person is suffering from scars he may use no scars neem face wash and for acne, acne face wash can be used. Neem helps to alleviate skin blemishes and pigmentation if used daily. It helps to hydrate the skin and give it a healthy look. It penetrates deep into the skin and cleanses the pores, dirt, impurities and other toxic elements present in the skin and gives a natural and glowing look to your face. Face wash should be chosen according to the skin type one has for better results.

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